Michael Vincent Bramley (Group Editor/Misc):

MICHAEL V. BRAMLEY was born in Norfolk, England and ultimately followed his love (Alice Li) across the seas to NYC where he currently resides. Michael came up for the idea for a small machine capable of altering the state of a television from a comfortable distance in a dream. When people told him that the Remote Control already existed, he decided to create Hadron Colliderscope. He genuinely believes that Lady Gaga is at the center of a global conspiracy to dumb down the world’s population, and that her music is a hypnotic portal to her Bubble World. He has spent longer than any man on Earth trying to read her Poker Face.


Geoffrey D. Wessel (Editor/Writer):

GEOFFREY D. WESSEL is a relative newcomer, but you’ll hear of him soon enough. His stories are the end result of a lifetime of slavish devotion to punk rock, industrial music, comics, Doctor Who, and football, all being taken out on you, the lucky reader. You can read his ramblings at http://gdwessel.com and/or http://facebook.com/gdwessel, and get up to the minute cataclysms at http://twitter.com/gdwessel

Brendan McGuirk (Editor/Writer):

Watch this space!

Ken Ip (Editor/ Series Copy Editor):

Watch this space!

James Vnuk (Editor/Writer):

JAMES VNUK was born the seventh son to a seventh son. At the age of seventeen, rather than be betrothed to the princess of Carpathia as he was ordained to do so, he renounced the throne for a life of piracy on the high seas. Between outrunning responsibility and slaying Her Majesty’s sea dogs in toe-to-toe combat, he fills the void composing symphonies and romantic poetry. He has wooed high and courtly women from Gaul all the way to the far Orient. In a love letter from Her Grace Catherine the Great, he was referred to as “the most magnificent of lovers; the caress of God himself could not match the sheer ecstasy of his masculine touch.” His wealth is not measured in spoils but rather his universal reverence, beloved by kings and peasants alike. He also think Lady Gaga is the bee’s knees.

Lisandro Di Pasquale (Artist):

Born only once, in 1976 in Argentina he grew up in Uruguay, a land of fantasy and mystery. He traveled around the world looking for something, what, he’s not sure, but one thing he knows, he hasn’t found it yet. He started drawing since he recalls grabbing a pencil for the first time and has been doing so ever since.

In 1999 published his first comic book, a super-hero book called ‘The Black Angel’. He co-wrote, drew and edited it for the 5 issues it lasted. Today he is working on a classified project with other collaborators, on ‘How to survive working on retail’ and on an autobiographical original graphic novel. He also contributes with “Hadron Colliderscope” providing art for whatever they need.


Alice Meichi Li (Artist):

ALICE MEICHI LI was born at dawn one fine August morning to Chinese immigrant parents who stereotypically ran a restaurant. She not-so-stereotypically grew up in a crime-ridden Detroit neighborhood, nursed on cultural-identity confusion and comics. Her escapism into art and disregard for being a good Asian daughter drove her extrication to New York City in order to become a professional purveyor of visual works for the delight and spectacle of all. Those who have partaken in her artistic wares include: Tokyopop, BLAM! Ventures, Pamela Peeters Productions, and super-awesome rockstars like Ben Moody and Yunyu.In her un-spare time, she rocks hard at karaoke and ponders curiouser things. Alice currently lives in a non-hipster part of Brooklyn with her husband, Michael.


Nate Bear (Artist):

(Artist bio created via Mad Libs™)

Nate Bear is a cartoonist illustrator living and snoring in Brooklyn. He tries to infuse his artwork with elfin cobblers to instill a sense of mashed potatoes in the viewer. Critics have described his pickles as “bicycling” and “throat-pounding.” Nate attributes his success to a steady diet of ketchup and a daily doodling regiment.

Nate grew up in Spümco New Jersey where he honed his puppy worshipping skills. Once it became apparent he was destined for erotic glory Nate set out out to attend The School of Visual Arts to master the craft of losing term papers.
Afterward he went on to have a successful Kung Fu career with the Wu Tang Clan. However, he became embroiled in a Windsor Newton India Ink-laundering scandal. Luckily he was able to serve out his time performing Marios Bros 3 duty. Since then he has spent the past four score and seven pineapples peacefully living out his days on a pixel farm atop Unicorn Gum Drop Mountain with his beloved Laura.



Neil Huitson (Writer):

Neil Huitson was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, bred in north Northumberland, and raised on comic books (which was unfortunate as their nutritional benefit is minimal at best). Rather like a fat girl in the bedroom, Neil lives a creative life of apologetic over-compensation: so poor are his drawing skills, he insists upon slaving tirelessly over his scripts, his sweating brow knitted in paroxysms of perfectionism as his Sisyphusian struggle against incoherence strecthes ever deeper into the hours of interminable night.

He is an afficionado and self-styled authority on all things American, although he can present the necessary credentials for two areas of Americana only: a degree in American Literature and the stage-name of a South Carolina stripper tattooed upon his toosh.

Two of the greatest experiences of Neil’s life were his meeting Bryan Singer and Brandon Routh during their promotional tour for Superman Returns, and Sam Raimi and Thomas Haden-Church on the set of Spider-Man 3. Ironically enough, two of the most disappointing experiences of Neil’s life were Superman Returns and Spider-Man 3.

Keith Bowen (Writer):

Like former US President Calvin Coolidge and the guy who invented the paddle wheel steamer, Keith Bowen is from the great state of Vermont, where there are more cows than people, and it is rumored that hobbits still live to this day.  Keith’s torrid love affair with science fiction began in the winter of 1988, when his father rented a VHS tape of Back to the Future from the local video store, and Keith’s dreams were soon filled with flux capacitors and quilted vests.

By the age of 10, frustrated with the lack of progress on the time machine he was building in his parents’ garage, Keith turned his attention to developing a method for making his fingers less sticky after eating popsicles.  This venture was plagued with problems from the onset, as Keith really doesn’t like washing his hands.  He eventually abandoned the idea in 1992, and not much has happened since then.

Keith now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son, where he enjoys listening to the guy who plays panflute on the subway, making salsa naked, and occasionally writing comics.

Jason LeBeau (Writer/Editor Jan-Aug 2010):

JASON LEBEAU was born in Washington State, but he’s not from Seattle, damnit. He burrowed his way under the continental shelf to follow his love ($5 Pabst and a shot deals).  He enjoys bowling, listening to how Iron Man was a rip off of Robocop and long walks on beaches made of broken glass.  He snow boarded once, but only had a skateboard deck which he melted candle wax onto. He now writes and edits for Hadron Colliderscope among other things we will never, ever speak of again.