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I’ve been sitting on this little script for over a year now. I know it’s a little offbeat and that’s probably because the idea stemmed from a joke I made during the height of Gaga fame. I joked about making it into a comic and then I realized I had no reason not to make it. After all, I’d illustrated ‘epic battles’ for Jason Lebeau’s Final Battle script and Brendan McGuirk’s Settling the Debate, I wanted to try writing one for once.

Then at some point shortly after I wrote it, Mike Rooth had agreed to work with us and I wanted to get him attached to something ASAP (because he’s fantastic, check out his site). I didn’t have too many scripts sitting around at the time, but this one sprang to mind… I started thinking about how much more hilarious it would be with Rooth’s realistic style, it seemed like the perfect match.

Rooth was really enthusiastic about it and jumped on it. He had other obligations that meant he couldn’t start until recently, but it was worth the wait. He’s great to work with too, throughout he maintained a very professional and amicable attitude and really threw himself into these pages… especially the final panels of page one where he can be seen running from the strange object falling to Earth.

It’s taken a while to get this done, but it was worth it.
I’m happy. Hope you’re happy too.

-Michael V. Bramley.