CLICK HERE TO READ FUTUBE NOW!By Josh Mathus and Michael V. Bramley, based on a story by Warren Ellis!

I don’t really know Warren Ellis, but the few interactions I’ve had with him have been very pleasant. We’ve had a little back and forth regarding this comic over the last few weeks and we’ve had brief exchanges around the internet before, but nothing I expect he’d remember. Nope, I owe this one to our mutual friend Katelan Foisy who helped me get in contact. Katelan, I owe you a beer!

... But for now, please accept this brief cameo as your temporary payment for being awesome.

So yes, I don’t know Warren, but I do love his work and I have been a fan of his for years now. As with a great many things, I owe it all to the good people at my former local comic store (Abstract Sprocket) in Norwich, England who suggested I try reading The Authority. Even though I was still a teenager, I was a grumpy old git at heart (still am!) and I found something in Warren’s work that really spoke to that part of me.

What people never seem to get about the grumpy bastards of the world, is that we’re not all callous jerks who hate everything. Quite the opposite; sometimes we’re jerks who hate everything because we care too much.  I found many characters who reflected this in Warren’s work, but it was never more apparent than in Transmetropolitan with the protagonist; Spider Jerusalem. Spider Jerusalem, everybody’s favourite ‘Gonzo Journalist’, madman, genius and total bastard. Of all of his works, I have to say, it’s probably Transmet that has inspired me the most.

An inspirational figure...

In my mind, Warren Ellis is more than your average funny book writer, he’s an ‘Anti-Poet’. I’ve heard people say that the best poets can find the beauty in anything, but Warren Ellis specializes in finding the ugly. He finds it and inflates it and makes you look at it and see it for what it is. Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s paradoxically beautiful and  sometimes it forces you to take a good hard look at yourself and the world through a grimy mirror. Pick up his novel Crooked Little Vein if you get a chance, every sentence is jammed full of exactly what I’m talking about.

Years back, Warren posted a short piece of flash fiction on his blog called Futube. In a few paragraphs, he managed to hook me with this concept and ever since, it’s been on my mind. I love a good time travel story as much as the next guy, but for some reason I kept revisiting this one in my head and I could never quite get rid of it. It’s a small part of what inspired me to start this site…  I initially wanted to tell fast, smart little stories just like Futube that would leave you thinking for a long time after you read it, but it’s harder than Mr. Ellis made it look, so instead you get emasculated men in Mechas trying to kill small animals… still, I regret nothing.

Finally I decided to bite the bullet and just ask him if we could do an adaptation of Futube and he said that it’d be fine so long as it remained clear that the rights remained with him… which is actually the deal all of our collaborators have with Hadron anyway, so we win!

You’ll notice that he’s not credited as the writer of Futube, and that I wrote the script, but my role felt more like that of a director. I kept the dialogue as intact as possible and merely threaded it together with directions for the talented Josh Mathus to follow (which, as always he achieved marvellously). My script remained as faithful as I could keep it to Warren’s original story (which can be read here, by the way) and I added & subtracted as little as possible from the original text.

So we hope you enjoy our little comic and that you’ll shoot us an email ( or a Facebook message to let us know what you think!

And also remember, as it’s Warren Ellis week at Hadron right now, you still have a chance to win one of his Avatar Press books! Just click here for details!

That’s all for now, you filthy humans…